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Virtual Education
Virtual education refers to instruction in  a learning environment where teacher and student are separated
by time or space,....


E-learning (or
electronic learning or eLearning) is a term
that encompasses all forms of Technology-
Enhanced Learning ...


Online Tutoring
Online tutoring refers
to the process of
tutoring within an
online virtual environment or networked env....


Virtual Learning
A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is
a software system designed to support teaching and learning
in an educational....


Commonwealth of Virtual Education and Research (COVER) welcomes you on this important website i.e. where all details are mentioned for enabling the Federal, Central, State or the Provincial Governments to pass a legislation at the earliest for enabling the Indian as well as the world citizenry to acquire expert knowledge under virtual education mode.

The entire information is divided into the following different Section :

1. First of all an introductory information has been given as to what is Virtual Education.

2. E-Learning has become quite popular and accordingly the details are discussed under this heading.

3. Online Tutoring has helped millions of young children in acquiring expert knowledge of arts as well as science. That is why such details are hosted under this topic.

4. There is an urgent need for creating a Virtual Learning Environment with a view to optimising the knowledge of the students. This environment has been further elaborated under this Column.

5. Several Virtual Schools are to be operated under the existing internet facilities for the rural and the urban areas to be fully interactive. Required information are available under this Chapter.

6. The need is for creating a Virtual University. This invitation is for all interested Governments to get in touch with us for having a draft of the Legislation required to be passed immediately.

7. The Commonwealth of Virtual Education and Research (COVER) has sufficient funds and the required technical know-how for
funding and managing the Commonwealth Virtual University to be legislated.

8. Further information is available from :
Dr. Priya Ranjan Trivedi
Commonwealth of Virtual Education and Research (COVER)
A 14-15, Paryavaran Complex, South of Saket
New Delhi - 110030
Email :
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